Do You like to HIIT? Well dont hit somebody else cause that just wouldn’t be good at all. HIIT yourself inn the best possible way. HIIT training has grown in popularity as the preferred style of exercise. It is similar to interval training which has been around a long time. I’ve looked at many top research sites to see what they have to say on HIIT and it is very effective. Trial testing has been done on high and more moderate exercising. This was discovered due to the research on Japanese Tabata training which was discovered by scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.
What exactly is Tabata and what is the difference between HIIT. What works better?
HIIT is when you switch between short bursts of a high-intensity exercise with periods of low-intensity recovery intervals for varied periods of time for a certain amount of intervals. During the up time you are working very hard hiiting max exertion and then during the recovery you are moving at a low intensity with lower more moderate exertion. This will keep your body constantly moving  while allowing your heart rate to calm down. This will both train your body cardiovascularly as well as anaerobically because you are always doing each interval for a certain period of time. You are constantly moving so you stay in an aerobic zone but when you HIIT it your body uses all three body systems: phosphagen system, lactic acid system, and aerobic system.  This is the science to explaining why it works and also why you get better results then only doing moderate training. Just like strength training your body needs time to recover from such a workout. 
Tabata named after Mr Tabata is a four minute set of exercises incorporating 20 second burst of exercise pushing as hard as you with a 10 second rest for a total of 8 sets using large muscle group exercises. 
Example Tabata workout:
First 4 minutes plie squats. (20 second on,10 second rest, 8 reps)
First 4 minute  table top turn over push up (20 seconds on, 10 second rest, 8 reps)
First 4 minutes crab kicks (20 seconds on, 10 second rest, 8 reps)
First 4 minutes plyo lunges with a lateral shoulder raise (20 seconds on, 10 second rest, 8 reps) 
Tabata is a great quick way to workout in a short amount of time, great for conditioning your body, awesome to put into your normal workout routine. 
HIIT Workout
In a HIIT workout you should warm up at 4-5 (rpe, this is your rate of perceived exertion) until your body has warmed up, this time depends on individuals needs 4 to 5 minutes, possibly longer. 
Workouts have different bouts of perceived exertion between 4-5 rpe to 8-9 rpe. Just remember to monitor your intensity and don’t hold your breath. At times when your heart rate is speed up you may seem nearly breathless. Just do what you can and be mindful of your body. Tap into your strength but be smart!
When you perform a HIIT workout, you can do different types of exercises or also use machines, so you can attain different levels of intensity. Depending on your specific goals you should train with specific exercises. You will burn more calories before and after the workout because of the level of intensity. Both Tabata and hiit workouts require that you allow your body to recover longer with a maximum of 4 workouts a week maximum so you allow your body to recover.
Example HIIT workout Routine:
Do this workout to the point of breathless- Perform each set of exercises with 50 seconds on 10 second rest in between.
1st round: high knees-dead man push ups-high knees-dead man push ups
2nd round: plié squat jumps-crab toe touch-plié squat jumps-crab toe touch
3rd round: burpee with two air squats-mountain climbers-burpee with two air squats
4th power: knee repeaters (queuing tip: toes point down while bringing knee up towards hip)-jack knife sit ups-power knee repeaters-jack knife sit ups .
The effectiveness of HIIT really works and dynamically will challenge your strength, cardio, as well as flexibility. Try it and see if you feel like you just HIIT yourself in the best possible way.

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