Dear Sir or Madam,
Benjamin Netanyahu knows that Jesus died for all mankind’s sins. Fighting has broken out over Jerusalem between the Jews and the Muslims.

I humbly beseech all of you on my request. I am writing this letter because I am deeply concerned for the welfare of all. No matter who you are there is something that affects you on a personal level from squabbles with family members, friends, and co-workers and your community. And as we are well aware throughout the dawn of time there has always been problems between mankind. Martin Luther King, Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, Revolutionary War, DMZ, The Cold War, WWI, WWII, and any other grand war atrocities or family fights that the thing responsible for this pain is confusion. Since I’m a believer in Jesus Christ to whom everyone knows no matter who you are from President Putin to drug war lords, I look around the world and I think of continuity of acts of kindness over adversity or the adversary Satan the author of confusion. Hate is wrong. Jesus and the sacrifice he made by being nailed to the cross was the living sacrifice of the Messiah who is God our Lord of all space and time.

I’m concerned drug war lords, terrorists, people such as President Xi, and in general people that don’t act toward common decency need to have some cognitive therapy so that they can all act decently. Just gather up all the rabble and send them to Woodstock 🙂 Please visit the YouTube page on “Love Thy Neighbor”. Love God, the creator of you, with all of your heart mind, body, soul, and strength … after all he made you. He also made you in His perfect image when you love thy neighbor. Watch the passion of the Christ. Remember that he died for the sins of mankind. The fate of the universe is important. Everyday life gets overwhelming. Stress is very bad. Trust that the Lord is perfect in all of his ways. His kindness, eternal life, and glory are magnificent forever. Love your neighbor and be kind to each other. You’ve heard of make love not war, well … my Prince of Peace wants you to know He loves you.

In 347 BC, Emperor Constantine saw a desperate need to end the brutality of Christians being fed to the lions. Everyone knows about war is bad and it breaks the heart of our God. Ancient Christians were fed to the lions because the dominating force is the Roman government at the time government supported pagan dominion loyalty thus killing Christians. Pagan gods helped the government to feel secure. In Greece they loved the Greek gods. In the northern European countries, pagan peoples believed in Loki, Thor, and Odin. In Rome, Ishtar and Saturnalia were gods who were worshiped. Ishtar is the goddess of fertility and the pagan Jesus. His Holy sacrifice is now reduced to the Easter Bunny. Remember through God, the sacrifice should never be reduced to a pagan holiday.

God created Adam and Eve which is the start of mankind. Without the bond of love particularly a bond created within a holy sacrament to find your perfect soulmate helps to create and is the formation of a new life. Due to estrogen and testosterone dominance and life experiences, lesbianism or homosexuality occurs. Finding love with a person of your own gender may only be from a lack of identity.

(Aladdin and Jasmine, True Love Forever)

With all due respect in the most honorable way possible, there is only ONE God and Jesus came to earth as the son of God and died on the cross. And all other religions don’t understand this. Jesus’ sacrifice is about forgiveness entirely. Above all, love each other and make love not war. Again remember God made you. He is the breath of everlasting life. And we see this through the story of Mary Magdalene. Whoever comes to Him will be in his grace and receive his mercy.

Jesus was born in September or October. Saturnalia is the worshiping of the sun. This is the Big Bang theory. Without the Sun-Son, there would be no life from plants making chlorophyll.

Melania Trump’s work as the First Lady of the United States is to combat cyber bullying. And Michelle Obama’s directive during her tenure was to aid children in becoming fit and healthy. Denise Austin was a member of President George W. Bush’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports which ultimately led to the formation of the new USDA’s food pyramid.

My belief is that Christians should behave with kindness and grace and enjoy life. I’ve always appreciated the British Parliament and other countries based on a Republic whereby issues are discussed and dealt with pragmatically and peacefully. People should be respectful of each other.

I had a mother who had bipolar disorder and we know from the teachings of Freud how parenting affects childhood development. And I was a victim of extreme childhood abuse spanning throughout my life. This culminated in borderline personality disorder (BPD).

We all know that Jesus is the Savior and the Mighty Counselor. I always struggled to do good work as a fitness instructor, Early Childhood teacher, and the #1 salesperson of GNC in 1997. I tried to be a good wife, daughter, and friend. Due to BPD, I could not cope with relationships with others and made sinful choices that went against the Ten Commandments as received by Moses. And I hurt people that I care about and internally made myself unwell and suffered with auto-immune disorder, hypothyroid, hormone imbalances, and IBS with severe constipation. Please listen to Love letter in the sky, whooah, whooah, whooah, whoooah, whoooah.

Through the cross, I knew my soul would return. I have a prayer of peace for the entire earth. I am grateful that God is using me to help heal the world from hurt. Just remember that God is creator of the universe in all space and time. Jesus taught how to be, while he was here, through the teachings of the Bible. It is important to always remember to have faith in the things that are decent and orderly.

People that are drug pushers, terrorists, dictators, criminals should be given cognitive love therapy and they should be forced to listen to “We are the World” and “Love Shack” baby. I’m spreading the message of heart hands around the world.

The teachings of Gandhi, Confucius, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Yahashua should be the message that everyone should remember … To LOVE EVERYBODY. We should all be mindful to see what it’s like to walk in other people’s shoes. Easter and Christmas have been viewed as holy days but the understanding that they are make-believe lies within Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny is often overlooked. And Santa Claus doesn’t do “Ho, Ho, Ho”!

The Catholic church (Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors) and the denominational sects of Christianity need to understand about pagan worship because thou shalt have no other gods before Him. As people in faith, hopefully believing in Jesus now, should act in kindness and decency toward each other and you should love yourself because Jesus gave you life.

With all my Love and Goodness under God,
❤️❤️❤️ FIT Tara ❤️❤️❤️

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