Helicopter — 500 Floors

Fitbit Lifetime 500 Floors Badge
First Achieved on September 16, 2016

Lifetime Climb Badge

I just climbed 500 floors which Fitbit says is equal to that of the altitude of a helicopter! This is my lifetime climb; I do many in a day, in fact, one of my favorite things to do is to run up and down the bleachers in a sports / high school stadium or get 100 floors a day on the Stair Stepper. My husband was so proud when he hit a total of 500 floors climbed a day earlier than me as well.

This is my first of many many postings I will do on the all of the Fitbit badges and trophies I’ve been getting. Since this site was not live last year when I started, I will be periodically digging down and uploading all of my badges for inspiration to others. And to let those who are interested to know what badges are available to be grabbed. By the way, I’m now at 40 times the above number 😉 Oophie

I’ll also be sure to make a summary page whereby all of the badges are posted into one succinct page. Below are android phone screen shots from the Fitbit app.



Who else has a Fitbit ?


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