Skydiver — 1,000 Floors

Fitbit Lifetime 1,000 Floors Badge
First Achieved on September 16, 2016

Lifetime Climb Badge

Well it’s no coincidence that the very SAME day I got the Helicopter Badge was the same day I got the Skydiver Badge. Because why wouldn’t you jump out of err … a helicopter.

This was actually the first day FITguy and I set foot in Tokyo, Japan last year during Phase II of our RTW (Round the World). We had set sail from Vancouver, Canada on a 15 day cruise across the very top of the Pacific ocean before making our descent down the coastline of Hokkaido toward Tokyo. Previous to this we had walked boatloads all over Otaru, Sapporo, and Hakodate (climbing up the mountain which bears the cities’ name).

FITguy, strangely enough, got his the very next day after me, whereas the with the Helicopter badge I was one day behind him. Go figure! Below are snapshots of our cellies.



Anyone ever been in a Helicopter without the doors?


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