Here are a few new ways people are getting into shape

What’s your  Method?

Do you have a groove for being fit?  Embrace your own personal self-expression of being active. You will be able to become healthy in your body and mind. Finding what makes you feel healthy will keep you positive about your goals. Also, don’t be afraid to try different things. You may find that you really enjoy learning something out of the ordinary like stand up paddle boarding. There are many options but this is designed to help you explore different options. 

Aquatic HIIT has graced the scene as a new way to get fit. People used to do water aerobics, I have a friend that talked me into getting fit in the water. People do HIIT moves in the water. Life Time gym does these classes and use various apparatus and drills and speed sprints in the water. For me this seems like a great time. I was an avid swimmer that used to love getting in the pool so much that when I was little it took my mom to act as if she was a drill Sargent in the army to drag me out of the pool. (Sorry mom for that!) Needless to say…, I was a bit stubborn. However, I loved water and later I became a Red Cross Beach Life Guard. Lots of people enjoy the beach, surfing, I am a SDI Certified Diver and I’ve done over 50 different dives at some of the top dive sites all over the world. In Greece, Turkey, Hawaii, Australia, Great Barrier Reef. Chilling in the ocean is definitely amazing and a great way to see the beauty of the Earth. 

Spin Classes: Spin is in and way more popular than ever before. The classes are intense, they will get you into shape by helping you increase cardiac output and strengthen the body. It’s more intense than using a stationary bike. Classes will vary in length from 30 minutes usually HIIT type spin classes to over hour long rides. The spin classes are intended to make you feel as if you were doing some serious biking outdoors from hills to speed drills to sprints to coasting down hill. While biking is predominately a lower body workout you also do use your core and upper body movements are typically places into spin workouts. If you are looking for a great workout spin classes will be just what you are looking for.

Kickboxing Is the way to turn Beauty into a Beast. Les Mills is my favorite cardio and body sculpting workout which is perfectly choreographed mixed martial art workout. It is even featured on Beach Body. I have done many reviews on this class and while some may say other mma workouts are a lot more challenging. This class is the most popular all over the world and for good reason. The new Zumba STRONG I believe is going to take the country in a big way. It has the vibe of Zumba with a kickbox hiit twist. Shadow boxing it really fitness. I studied aikido and became a green belt. I studied traditional martial arts so when Billy Blanks became popular whan I was young and wanting to get fit I was definitely on board with cardio kick boxing especially since I already loved martial arts. My favorite martial artists are Phoenix Carnivale and Anja Garcia,  also Natalie Y’co and Rachael Newsham.Daily Burn's Undefeated MMA & Boxing ProgramIf you want to get awesome results DailyBurn is the best be sure to check out the link on Phoenix Carnivale’s name or Anja Garcia. They are the BEST!!!!

FloatFit Workouts: These workouts are low impact in comparison to on land counter parts. The hard part is balancing which is all about using your core. You will do aqua climbers on a board like a mountain climber on, burpee, lunge, and squat v ups. Equal challenging is Aqua Yoga with body mind focus in board yoga vinyasas. You use your breath and mental focus to guide you through your poses.

Orange Theory: At Orange Theory put on a band to track your heart rate while you use TRX band, weights, rowing machines, and treadmills while trainers guide you through a comprehensive workout program. Other gyms like this are popping up in different areas. 

Clean Eating: Your foolproof guide to eating healthy. This way of eating basically means eat healthily. Trying to avoid processed foods and foods that are chemically modified because they aren’t real. Fuel up on fruits, veggies, whole grain, organic grown meats and fish, and good healthy sources of fish. Avoid additives, preservatives, GMO organism grains, unhealthy types of fats particularly trans fats, sugar, and salt.

Exercise Videos: This has been popular since the days of Jane Fonda and it is still highly effective today. Several years ago I got into the FIRM videos and loved Rebekuh Sturkie. The workouts she used to do were so good and then the Firm from years ago modernized. The new FIRM, videos became more popular in 2011. They have power busts which are all out bursts for 12 

Run/Walking: Running with Walking breaks will help you get through 5k’s, 10k’s, and especially in even longer runs. Jeff Galloway has trained Olympians and his method has helped thousands of individuals to run walk races even marathons injury free with less stress on the body. 

Mobility Workouts is something that everyone should think about to help prevent injuries.

All personal trainers and fitness experts are in like accord with mobility training. This is preventative physical therapy to assist you in your endeavors. Honestly, I think it’s imperative that you put mobility training into your workout program. 

As a person that has worked out with the very awesome Jillian Micheals and Gregg Cook (DailyBurn 365 trainer) two very different trainers both wonderful, incorporate mobility movement right into their workouts. They understand why preparing the body to move helps prevent injuries. I’ve done Cross Fit workouts a few time and know that they do mobility work from movement with dowels and lying scorpions. 

Mobility workouts: are designed to help you get the most out of all that you do in life from HIIT, to Cross Fitters, Runners, Body Builders, obstacle course participants, parents, athletes, well actually EVERYONE! Have you ever went to go and do some physical activity only discover your body simply isn’t ready for that and you wind up either causing minor or possibly major discomfort in comes mobility workouts. Mobility moves use dynamic movement which prepares your body to be able to move through various ranges of motion. When you get ready to take on your tasks you don’t wind up hurting yourself and then kept away from going further to do the things you want to do. 

There are many ways to find ways to feel fit and healthy. Get involved with activities that you enjoy and don’t be afraid to try new activities. Trying different activities taught by professionals will help you to be a healthier person. I really love Daily Burn’s 365, because every day is a brand new workout and the things you learn will help you in all that you do. I wish everyone success in finding their fitness groove. 

How do you enjoy staying fit?



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