We all have had many things we dream about doing like gardening, learning a new skill, starting a website, taking a Master’s Degree, losing weight, etc. The list is endless. Some people start and lose the passion midway through, while some people just plan and never take the first step.

Personally, I have had many projects that I started and wasn’t able to see it through. Either they gave up in the middle of it or just lost interest. Every now and then I find myself so passionate and motivated about a particular project and end up not having the energy or enthusiasm to finish them at all.

I don’t beat myself up about that though. The most important thing is starting and taking that first step to seeing for yourself if this is something you really want to pursue.

Factors that Contribute to Finishing A Project

Investment Cost. Usually monetary investment ties us to finishing a project. If we paid for something, we are more likely to get our money’s worth. More likely to finish what we started because we don’t want to waste that hard-earned money.

Results. Feedback and results or lack thereof is directly related to whether or not we continue or stop doing the project. If you get positive results, you are motivated to finish and stick to it.

Alignment with your passion. If something is close or has a direct correlation with your passion in life, you are more likely to stick with it. If you take art lessons because you really like drawing, it becomes a source of joy rather than a task.

How To Avoid Procrastinating

Track your progress. If you are starting a good habit like drinking more water or an exercise regimen, having a journal or tracker to visualize your progress will motivate you to not let up. This also gives you more resources to adjust according to your personal circumstances. When I want to save money for something, I create a simple savings tracker and I become more motivated to make sure I keep my savings plan.

Don’t punish yourself or think negatively. Once you start losing interest in your project, give yourself some time to distance from it and revisit it in the near future. Don’t push yourself to finish or continue with something that you don’t derive pleasure or improvement from.

Reward yourself. Treat yourself once you finished a project. Get yourself a well-deserved gift or get a pedicure for finishing an article you struggled for so long.

Have realistic goals. Before you start anything, assess the project’s scope. Can you really finish a knitting project in 2 weeks? Do you have time to tend to a garden? Do you have the right intentions why you’re losing weight? Assessing the project and setting realistic goals and plans will help you enjoy the journey.

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