Toxins are everywhere in our environment, so why use beauty products that make us sick ??

We’re bombarded with toxins that are all around us. We’ve over processed our Earth. Avoiding toxins isn’t easy, however we can be vigilant to not over expose ourselves with poisons in our society. Even with the most vigilant actions that we take, we’re in a constant state of trying to avoid the toxicants on a daily basis.

Stand up and take AIM at the mega corporate beauty giants.

Many people fail to realize that our physical health is compromised by how much we expose ourselves to toxins. We make valiant attempts to buy organic foods and buy natural health products and even still, we fall short of avoiding toxins that are in our environment.

Personal care products we all use — cleaners, detergents, soaps, oral care, shaving cream, shampoo and conditioner, moisturizers, etc ALL contain harmful chemicals. What kinds of chemicals are used to make these products? Evidence has shown that ingredients slathered on the skin get absorbed into the bloodstream over time. 

Are we aging prematurely?

Substances in our personal beauty care are absorbed into our epithelial tissue — our skin (which is made up of close to 5 million pores) and are then introduced into our blood stream over time.

Think of a moisturizer that contains toxic contaminants: we apply it then we reapply it. This means the substance must remain in contact with the skin for quite a while to be absorbed. It’s precisely this passive absorption of harmful effects of chemicals which is battering our bodies repeatedly. And this doesn’t just happen once, but immediately over possibly thousands of consecutive times of usage and from many different products we use. We use products that are hazardous to our health over and over again! If we aren’t careful, we’ll find dozens of problems with our health later in life that need not be.

These toxins seep into our skin and over time our bodies become overwhelmed.

Allow yourself to watch the video from above. Major product lines don’t care about our health or our bodies, but then you really knew that. They care about making money, of course cheaply. You say it’s not their fault, maybe … that they don’t think making their products in bulk will not only be more efficient so they can produce them faster but at the same time getting their products out fast may create BIG PROBLEMS HERE. The problem is the few at the top don’t really care; it’s always been about the bottom line.

Learning About Toxins in our Beauty Products

Before you continue reading how products are harming our bodies, please take the time to watch this video. It’s important!!! Don’t ignore this video! -it will give you a perspective to understand how and why it is so important to be a knowledgeable person about what we put in our bodies.

Once you have watched the video ponder these two facts: “the cosmetics industry spent upwards of $600,000 lobbying against legislation in California that would require cosmetic companies to disclose the presence of ingredients that may cause cancer or birth defects. Proctor and Gamble alone spent $90,000 lobbying against the Safe Cosmetics Bill which wouldn’t even prohibit the use of these chemicals, but merely require disclosing that they are in the product” Huffington Post. It doesn’t matter what side you are on, you should care about your body. It matters whats on the inside as much as the outside. 

You are probably getting grim faced. Read on, this gets positive. Maybe…, you’re saying “you prefer to be ignorant to all of this information, and that you’d like to just continue to live in ignorance of all these alarming facts because frankly, you think there’s no way out.” Look, carcinogens seem to be everywhere: If you avoid them in deodorant, then you’ll find them in cell phone radiation or food additives and on and on and on. So, what’s the point!?

Well, the point is that you can avoid them! You can choose to purchase products that have little or no harmful chemicals. You can choose to be informed, and you can take charge of your life and your body. I know that I sound like Rosemary LeVeaux. Do not let the media dictate what you buy. Companies will spend at lot of money promoting a product and companies and media will steer you in a wrong direction.  Be educated, a good website to reference is Cosmetic , which lists the ingredients of most cosmetics, and rates them on a scale: 0-2 (low hazard), 3-6 (moderate hazard), 7-10 (high hazard). Many popular brands are ranked 7 or higher.

A Guide to Follow to Know What Products Are Safe and Unsafe

As a woman who likes to look and feel pretty, I have invested a lot of money in all kinds of products during my teenage and young adult years. After being exposed to the shocking truths above, I made a decision to stop rubbing toxic chemicals on my face and body. In the beginning of my conversion to nontoxic products, I had no idea where to look. A useful guide to follow good green living is the Green Guide.

Ditching products that you’ve spent money on is a bit overwhelming, seriously! However, but ask yourself this, what is more, important money or your health? That’s a hard question I know but unfortunately, that is a stark reality. There is a lot of money invested in products but the products you own may be destroying your body despite all your hard effort. The reality is what is more important to you? Before ditching all of your stuff be educated with the Green Guide, maybe the product you currently have is tolerable to your body on the rating scale. It’s important to be informed. At the very least there are products that you can buy that are safe. Also in the future when you need products to replace old ones shop the people who have gone the extra mile to care about your health and the environment.

You may be curious as to what green make up actually is? Green makeup is free of chemical fillers, synthetics, binders and are free of parabens and preservatives. They are derived from plant botanicals and natural minerals. This also means rather the emulsifiers, binders, synthetics, fillers, or paraben preservatives that green companies take the time to make cosmetics using botanicals and minerals. What’s great is natural makeup has phytonutrients, which are good for you and build you up rather than break you down.  

Here’s a small sampling of natural makeup and beauty products lines that are green friendly.

The Eyes Have It: 

Here’s a small sampling of natural makeup and beauty products lines that are green friendly.
Nvey eyeshadow

is free of the “dirty dozen,” is certified by the Organic Food Chain, and contains only vegan ingredients. In terms of use, it provides a perfect texture that’s not too powdery, and yet it goes on and comes off with no hassle. Now on to the “wow-factor” as I like to call it… 😉 The color palette I ordered was perfect: bluish-gray, peachy-pink, shimmery taupe, chocolate brown, and a simple white.
Eco Bella mascara is not the most ideal choice because it contains some parabens, but all its other five ingredients are safe. It is a rarity in the cosmetic world for a product to have a mere seven ingredients. I love the way it looks and feels, and I also love the conditioning effect of the carnauba wax and the palm oil on my eyelashes… This mascara stacks up better than other mascaras but it does have two parabens. 

Honeybee Organic JobaColors eye liners this eyeliner is compliant with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and is free of the “dirty dozen” chemicals. Second, of all, it’s less than $7 per eyeliner, which lasts for a very long time. Third of all, it goes on smoothly and almost has a creamy feel, thereby giving you the option of increasing the thickness and smearing it a bit with your pinky for a more smoky look. A little really does go a long way, especially for daytime wear! It comes in five colors, but I bought only two for now: Jet Set (black) and Charcoal Blue Jeans (blue) – and both have served me well!

For other product lines try

Nvey Eco is an Australian cosmetics company which is certified organic. 

Tata Harper is a 100% natural and nontoxic skincare, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. We’ll never use synthetic chemicals and everything we make is formulated and manufactured by us at our farm in Vermont.

Farmaesthetics Brenda Brock owner of Farmesthetics outsources to American farm families to get the purest ingredients of plans and herbs to make the beauty cosmetic line. 

I hope you find these product lines and information helpful for you. Best wishes for a healthy, happy, radiant body.




What’s in your makeup cabinet?



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